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News and Market Data

How frequently is news updated on this site?

News is updated throughout the day, 7 days a week.

How often are your quotes updated?

We do offer real-time stock quotes during U.s market hours. Otherwise, trading information on Nasdaq and OTTCBB companies is delayed at least 15 minutes. Trading information on NYSE and AMEX companies is delayed at least 20 minutes per those exchanges' rules. The Most Active section is delayed at least 15 minutes for Nasdaq and 20 minutes for AMEX and NYSE. The Nasdaq Indices and the Major Indices scrolling ticker are delayed at least 1 minutes. Mutual Funds are updated at the end of each day.

How does Nasdaq define the "Ten Most Advanced" and "Ten Most Declined" on the "Most Active" page?

The Advanced/Declined information is based on the percentage increase/decrease in stock price of Nasdaq Global and Global Select Market securities (does not include warrants and units). The tables contain only securities whose last sale price is greater than $2 and whose daily volume is greater than 3000 shares. The information is updated every minute. Most Active is available for:

Consult our Glossary for additional definitions of financial terms.

How often are the Intraday charts updated?

Our intraday charts are updated every minute.

How often do you update the Stock Analyst Info?

The Stock Analyst info is updated every night following market close.

How is the Unusual Volume page calculated?

Stocks exhibiting unusual volume are the twenty stocks whose percentage of intraday volume has changed most compared to the 50 day moving average volume for the same intraday time period. Additionally the stock must also meet the following criteria:

  • Nasdaq Stocks trading above $10/share
  • Stocks must have a price change of $0.50 or greater.
  • 50 day average volume greater than 60,000 shares/day
  • Today's intraday volume greater than the 50 day moving average volume for the same intraday time period.
  • Top Twenty stocks sorted by intraday % change in volume verses the 50 day average volume for the same intraday time period.

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Investor Protection

How would I file an investment related complaint?

We recommend that you file a complaint with FINRA Investor Complaint Center. Instructions are available on the FINRA Web site. FINRA also has an Office of Individual Investor Services which can offer assistance. Please refer to the Investor Services section of the FINRA Web site for background information on this department.

How would I research a broker?

FINRA provides The Public Disclosure Program (PDP) on the FINRA Web site. Investors can go on the Web site and look up various brokers or brokerage firms. The program provides basic administrative data and if there are disciplinary actions, the visitor is asked to file a request online so that the report is e-mailed back the visitor. The phone number of FINRA Regulation Public Disclosure is (800) 289-9999 or (301) 590-6500.
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